Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Who am I trying to impress anyways?

It's been a wonderful month (aside from not blogging)
My coupons are well on their way to being organized with dividers I got at Dollar Tree (only $1!)
I'm making progress in spending my time the way I want to, instead of trying to please others.
AND my house has been relatively clean, without me going crazy each day trying to keep up with it...YAY!

I've just been thinking about a lot over the past couple weeks. Why I do what I do, and what I would rather be doing. A girl I went to school with took a hiatus from Facebook to get away from it all and focus on herself. I don't think I could do that. I think I'd be very bored with myself. So I started thinking. Why am I so focused on a "show-room" clean house, when I don't have anyone coming over? Billy doesn't mind a "lived-in" look. Heck, I don't think I mind it much either. So if Bill and I are happy, then why am I choosing to clean the house over going out? or sitting down and watching a movie? or taking a walk? or doing something I enjoy? 

...Yeah, I'm not too sure. So I've been working on it. 

I had a fantastic weekend. 
Started off Thursday at the Sweet Valley fair, got some photo frames for my wall collage I'm working on. 
Friday Bill and I spent the day shopping for the pampered chef party, and we had lunch at cosmo's cheesesteaks in Kingston-YUM. The party went very well, enjoyed every minute of it.
Saturday Stef and I went shopping, and then I watched some netflix for the afternoon
Sunday I went to church, then watched more netflix (yes. I was lazy. I enjoy it)
And Monday Bill and I did some errands and visited his family in Mtn Top. Then a cookout at moms :)

Cleaning? Yeah, I took about 1/2 an hour each day to straighten up...not enough to keep me from doing what I wanted. And the house is pretty decent. :)
No coupons this weekend because of Memorial Day, so I got a break there.

So maybe I will be posting more regularly again, and maybe I won't. But either way, the next post will have pictures. Pictures are so much more fun, aren't they?

Hope you all had a wonderful May :)

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