Monday, April 30, 2012

May Challenge

Money Saving Mom's May challenge is freezer cooking. And while I find the idea fantastic, I'm not quite ready to jump in to all that just yet.

I do have some goals for May though.
1. Streamline my couponing.
2. Stick to a budget.
3. Spend my time more wisely.

With that said, I will be talking about various topics that are on my mind, while focusing on one of the three goals for May.

By the end of the month, I want to have a couponing "schedule" that works for me, a clear idea of where our money is going and where we need to cut back, and a regular schedule that reflects my priorities accurately, because my time now does not.

I'll update a few times a week hopefully, so please keep checking back :) Oh, and I'll share my couponing tips too, because I know so many of you are intrigued ;)

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Final Days (of the challenge)

I combined the last three days of the least for the most part.
I've been lazy, or busy, every day this week. Lots of time has been spent at mom's just watching TV. 

I did have Thursday afternoon off, and did a ton of cleaning. I basically cleaned the whole house and finished the majority of my laundry ( finished it today). 

Between the 3 days, I did clean out and mop my closet floor, wipe down all windows (that hadn't been wiped the other week when Billy was cleaning), finished wiping down all mirrors and glass doors, and cleaned my bedroom blinds. Just have to do the downstairs blinds now.

I got a majority of my 5-7 things done each day. 
-Started going through my e-mails...little by little
-Made dinner plans with some people and returned messages
-organized my coupon binder -what a relief
-finally blogged-sorry for the slacking
AND I got to go see Kasie tonight! Yay!

One project I did during the week was cleaning the grates on my stove. I saw on Pinterest that you can put the grates in a gallon zip-loc, pour a few tablespoons of ammonia in it, and let them sit for 12+ hours. 

Here is what they looked like originally-who knows what all is burnt onto these.

After 12+hours ....EW.

They did NOT come completely clean...but a definite improvement. I will probably try this again and again until they are completely clean.

You can kind of see the yucky burnt stuff on the left and the clean and shiny part on the right.

Today's "challenge", the final challenge, was to clean the medicine cabinet. I keep all of our medicine in a bin that I've had for years.

The stuff next to the bin should be in the bin, but I didn't have room.

Few empty boxes, and some empty bottles- all in one bin, yay.

So all in all, this challenge was good. I attempted a lot of new things I had been wanting to try, and cleaned some things I probably wouldn't have bothered with if not for this challenge. I got into some routines I will keep, and have also found what doesn't work for me, and hopefully I will keep up with the cleaning on my own terms, or maybe even make my own challenge. IS having another challenge for the month of May. I don't know what it is yet, so I don't know if I will be following along, but I will still be posting about cleaning/couponing/christian living as often as possible, so please keep checking in and reading. Let me know what your interested in reading about or what I might be able to post about to help in any way.

Thank you all so much for following along as I get my house all clean and organized, it's been fun :)

Have a wonderful weekend <3

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today's challenge was to clean out and organize all the kitchen cupboards and pantry. Lucky for me, since this challenge began, I already cleaned out under the sink, all my drawers, and the pantry. I had two cabinets that still needed some work though....

I'm not a big fan of this cupboard. Which is why it's all pretty much thrown in. I saw a pegboard on Pinterest that was framed and painted and used as a pot hanger....

But here it is, much more organized.

At one point, this held some food, and store bags, and appliances, and random other stuff.

Now it looks SO MUCH better:) all our kitchen gadgets.

The 15 minute challenge was to clean up the bathroom, which I got Billy to do. He also took care of sweeping and mopping the downstairs, which I didn't even ask-SCORE!

My to-do list included:::
1. Make dinner-it's cooking now
2. finish laundry- done and put away
3. swiffer upstairs-done.
4. make a chore list-done and agreed upon :)
5. go through my emails-that's for after dinner.

And finally get rid of 7 things
-a couple cds
-an old utensil holder
- a few foods that expired
- a bowl that belongs to a friend
- Ketchup that I bought for work

What a successful night :) I hope you are all enjoying following along this cleaning journey with me! I'm planning what I will be doing for the month of May...Any ideas?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Challenge-Day 16-FINAL WEEK!

Today's challenges included making a list of weekly goals, cleaning the vents in your house, picking up the clutter, and getting rid of 7 items.

Weekly goals include:
1. Solve my downstairs clutter issue. Everytime I clean it, it is all cluttered up within minutes.
2. Make dinner each night (already failed that one...)
3. write out my youth group ideas and plan a "planning day" with Pastor and Billy
and a few others that are unknown for now...

Today's to-do's were:
1. fold all the laundry- done.
2. make dinner-meatballs-not done.
3. clean up the clutter-done.
4. dishes-done.
5. vacuum downstairs-done.

Ugh, what a mess... I HATE folding laundry, can you tell? oh, along with making the bed, why make the bed when you are going to mess it up in a few hours?

Less than an hour later, bed made, laundry folded and away, AND I pledged all the wood ledges and dressers. Success!

And then the clutter...aka DISHES!
I really avoid emptying a clean dishwasher. I wait until I can talk Billy into doing it for me. That happened tonight, cause this sink was just getting gross.

I promise you, I will sleep better tonight because this is taken care of :)

Seven items to get rid of?
I put at least 3 more items in the yardsale bin, and threw some jackets and clothes in the "donate" basket, although they will probably also get to the yardsale bin eventually :) 

Cleaning vents? I wiped down the majority of our "vents" (aka baseboards) back when we were supposed to clean all that yucky stuff. I don't know, maybe I'll tackle some vent-type things this weekend.

More tomorrow :)

Where have I been?

Friday MoneySavingMom did not post a challenge, which was perfectly alright, cause I'm usually busy either way. Although, to be honest, I don't remember Friday.

Saturday however Billy and I went to Harrisburg with our Pastor for some youth training, which was wonderful.  We were also able to meet some other leaders and workers in our UMC conference :)

Sunday night we had a youth rally at our church, and with over 80 people in attendance, I would deff. say it was a huge success and I hope we get to do a lot more things like that in the future.

After this weekend I'm really looking forward to all the possibilities Billy and I have with this new journey we are one. We have a lot of people to help us out, that are full of helpful advice and tips, and willing to help out in any way that they can. Very reassuring! I believe God has some great plans in store for us :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's been an interesting week

Ah, what a week of being busy and having some fun. Oh, and enjoying having NO ambition whatsoever.
But I did get some things done. 

Starting with the Monday's challenge, which was to make weekly goals, clean up the clutter, and organize the silverware drawer. Made my goals, which have not been followed at all, and the rest wasn't hard at all.

Tuesday's challenge was to vacuum and clean the stove....this is what my oven looked like... EW.
I'll be honest, I hadn't actually looked in the oven since I moved in October. I think 90% of this is not from us...

A little baking soda and wet paper towels overnight and this was the result!!! So happy. The glass on the door is still real gross, but I think it's from the inside, so Billy and I will be taking it apart soon.

Wednesday's challenge was to clean off the refrigerator and wipe down the cupboards-done! Feels wonderful!

And today's challenge was to clean out the junk drawer, utensil drawer and wipe down mirrors and glass doors.
I asked Billy to windex today while he was home. He didn't touch the mirrors or glass doors BUT he cleaned the inside and outside of most of the windows-score!
My utensil drawer was cleaned out a few weeks ago, and while we do have a 'junk' drawer, we don't really use it, so it still looked the way it did when I put stuff in there nice and neat back in October.

So, I cleaned out under the sink, which has all our cleaning supplies, and I went through some stuff while I cooked dinner and got over 35 items to get rid of :)
I'm caught up now for the week!

cleaning products were either empty, given to mom, or being saved for a housewarming gift :)

Food for food pantry, odds and ends for yard sale, and garbage.

So enough on that...

I had no ambition this week. I didn't even get through my 5-7 things to do each day until yesterday. But everything still managed to get done that needed to :)
Sometimes I think I might be focusing too much on this than other, more important things. This challenge needs to be a guide, not a requirement.
I'm going to make more of a point to take care of my priorities, and re-focus on all the right things :) 

I hope you all will continue reading! Share me with your friends!

You saw my gross stove window....any tips to get it clean? I do believe spills may have gotten inside, but once I get it apart...any easy fix? Thanks!

Monday, April 16, 2012

It is way too nice out! :)

No pictures today, because I barely TOUCHED my to-do/challenge list.

It was way to nice out. :)

I had dinner at grotto with the grandparents, mom, and John, then did a bit of cleaning up downstairs, a load of laundry, then spent the night out on the porch at mom's house with Billy, Stef, mom and John.

Sounds good to me. Maybe tomorrow I'll at least get the dishes done.

Spring time <3

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Sometimes, there is just too much swirling through your head to sleep at night. I'm not quite sure what it is, or what to do, I just feel that I can't go to sleep yet.

It's God time. Wonder what He has planned for me now...

Stay tuned for Day 11 of :4 weeks to a more organized home", and some changes I'm making, and why.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shopping and making some DiaperCakes!

It's already 5, or is it only 5?! It's been a very successful day. I had quite a bit I wanted to do today, and for the most part, it's all done. I even slept in till 9.

I began my morning by taking apart our bedroom ceiling fan. It was the most filthy of them all.

I was also quite proud of my skills in taking the thing apart :)

I rinsed out all the light covers from the bedroom, kitchen, and living room

And here is the fan, all clean, shiny, and put back together, yay!

Next on my list was to go through the deal sites, print out coupons, and go do some shopping before the sales for the week are over. So I started at Rite Aid for some razors, tampax, and lightbulbs.

The razors were gone, the tampax I wanted were gone, and the lightbulbs were the old kind. boo.
Next I dropped a bag of stuff off at Salvation Army (They have a sign on the door that they NEED clothes)

Target was my big stop of the day.
1. Do they price adjust? (The cardigan I bought last week was on sale this week) They DO! (within 2 weeks) So, I got $2.99 refunded.
2. Did they have my games in stock? Yes. I had called yesterday and had them set them aside.
3. Did my coupons get scanned correctly? For the most part. I had a BOGO for head and shoulders, and they should have taken $5.99 off, only took $3.89...whatever.

Candy land-$7.79
Chutes and ladders- $7.79
Raincheck for $5 each, and $9 in coupons= $1 total
BIC Silky Touch Razors-$2.99 -$2C= $0.99
Country Crock-Sale for $1.97 each -$3 of coupons= $0.94 total for two
Slow Cooker liners- $1.97-$1C=$0.97
Head and Shoulders- $5.99-BOGO should have been $5.99 for both, but it was $8.09 
( should have watched more closely...)

All in all, $11.99 for all that. Works for me. And for those of you asking WHY I'm buying these games, since I have no kids? One, they were FIFTY CENTS EACH. Two, they can be gifts. Three, they are shrink wrapped, I could just save them.

On my way home, I stopped at Burger King. They are selling their new chicken wraps for $1 this weekend only. I got a Honey Mustard one, with no lettuce. It was quite yummy.

Next I turned on Groundswell, to get that out of the way, and it's still running...about 2 hours later... BUT while it's on I did make a DiaperCake and I'm blogging-Multi-Tasking :)

This is for sale, BTW. Local pick up/delivery only. (at least for the time-being) $45 
---Has 60 diapers, mostly size one. 
---A bottle with nipple, lid, and 5 drop in liners, and a 
---Johnson and Johnson baby wash.
Let me know if you or anyone else is interested, and please pass this along.

I CAN make each one to order, the cost will vary depending on size of the diapers, products you want included, and whether you provide the products or if I go out to buy them. Please e-mail and we can discuss options and choices and what not.

They are handmade "cakes" of diapers, along with many other little baby products thrown in. They are great Shower decorations, shower gifts, welcome home baby gifts, 1st birthday gifts/decorations, etc.

Hope you all are having a FANTASTIC weekend so far :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 10, and an incredible movie.

Awe, finally Friday :) We even got Treat pizza for lunch at work, since they opened for the season on Wednesday!

Today's challenges did NOT get finished. Nope, not at all. What were they, you ask?

Clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans- mine are FILTHY. God only knows the last time they were clean, and certainly not since we moved in last fall. So I did wipe some off, but I'm planning on giving them a good scrub tomorrow.

My 5-7 things to-do were
1. 10 minutes of pilates-nope.
2. finish the laundry-didn't touch it
3. clean the lights and fans-see above
4. read a chapter of PPW- haven't even gone in the room that the book is in.

5. blog about the day-doing that now, obviously.
6. Watch movie with Billy -the 15-minute challenge today was to relax. 
(2 hours sounded better.)

I encourage each and every one of you to see this film. It was wonderful. Check out the link, pass it around, think about it.

That's it. I have a LOT planned for tomorrow, and it's my day off, and no one is around-check back tomorrow to see what I actually ended up doing :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A trip to Dollar Tree, and Day 10 of the challenge

Today was a very productive day. The challenges were to do a 15 minute cleaning of the bathroom, wipe down all light switches, get rid of 7 things, and make a list of 5-7 things to do today.

I'll start though with my trip to Dollar Tree last night, which I am very excited about....

As you can see, I got a yellow tub, which I will use for electric cords and such-keeping them all in one place helps me find them easier :) We also bought Sonny some new toys. I was able to get 2 containers with lids that I will use for my laundry detergent. I also found rubbermaid containers for only $1! yay! They sell for $2 at the Dollar General. There's also a piggy bank, mesh laundry bag, and clear sleeves for my coupon binder. :)

Here is the 7 things I got rid of today. 3 books, a candle holder, photo frame, basket, and old car mats.

I didn't time myself with the bathrooms, but I did scrub the tub, which didn't really need it, but I saw a little improvement, and I also cleaned the toilets.

The light switches didn't take much time, because I did most of them yesterday with the door handles.

Finally, my 5-7 things to do today:::
1. 10 minutes of pilates-never got to it
2. blogging about today-yay, I can say I've done this each day so far -yay!
3. spend time with Billy-He made a delicious dinner, and we went out to walmart, I'll count that.
4. chapter of PPW (power of a praying wife)- never got to this either
5. begin laundry-it's half done :)

So, I'm not too upset about not doing everything, because I did also clean the tables downstairs, washed the window and ledge off, vacuumed, and ran the dishwasher. I'd count that as a success.

Plus, I bought everything I needed to pick up this weekend, so one less thing to do on Saturday!

I went ahead of myself and made a to-do list for the weekend, since I'm not busy, and Billy is working
1. Make two batches of laundry detergent
2. Make diaper cakes -I will be selling these. Watch for that post, and please pass it on :)
3. Was to buy all my odds and ends, but that is already done -score!
4. Watch GroundSwell- I can't put it off any longer
5. Go through my coupon binder
6. Mop the kitchen, bathrooms and living rooms.
7. Finish up the baseboards.

It shall be a productive weekend, check back Sunday night and I will let you know how it goes :)

Any thoughts on a challenge for when this is over? Let me know your ideas!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Challenge, Day 8, and my thoughts on gift giving

Today's challenge was to clean out my dresser drawers and disinfect all handles around the house.
Bad picture, but they were all filled and not organized at all. So I set my timer for 15 minutes, got it all organized and found way more than 7 things to get rid of
Speaking of getting rid of things, I do have more than 49, so I'm right on schedule with the challenge, yay! :)

I will be having a yardsale sometime in May or June, if you're in the area, let me know if you want to join in!

My 5-7 things for today included
1. 10 minutes of pilates 
which I didn't get to, we went out for dinner and stopped by the dollar tree for some goodies (which I'll share at another time)
2. watch video 2 of weighdownathome (since I didn't get to it yesterday) I started to watch it. Then realized once again, the videos are a chore for me. I don't enjoy them, nor do I feel I get anything out of them. I just need to make the choice each day to follow the principles of it.
3. blog about the day (done)
4. call Target to see if games are in stock (done)
5. write out letter (maybe tomorrow?)
6. read a chapter of Power of a Praying Wife (done) 
7. Get garbage together for Billy <3 (done, and he was so happy! <3)

I also have some more pictures for you today! :)

These are my peanut butter easter eggs before they got dipped in chocolate. According to the family, they were delicious-Thanks Grandma for the recipe! :)

Here's the clean car after wiping it down the other day

And the backseat, which has yet to be used by anyone since I got it.

And finally, yesterday I asked  If people you were once close to are having a wedding shower, and you are pretty sure you aren't invited, do you give them a gift anyways?

So here's my thoughts...
---One, I love buying gifts, so if I have the ability to get a gift together, whether through deals, couponing, or just flat out spending full price, I will do so for those I care about (and remember I need a gift for) ...but I also don't always have the ability.
---Two, I do feel, in this situation, and all that we have been through, the right thing to do would be to buy a gift. I would feel good if I did so, but money is tight.
---Three, now that I have decided I will get a gift together, what gift do I choose? They do have a registry, with quite a bit of nice things on it. But I have also been planning what I would like to give them for over 2 years now. I know what Billy and I got that we loved, and I know they do like similar things. So now I need to choose a price point, and whether or not I want to do a gift basket like I often do, or just purchase one "big" item to give. I have so many ideas, it's hard to choose just one...

I love hearing your thoughts, so please share :) Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 7 and the crazy things that happened.

Today's challenges were:::
-Get rid of 7 things ( I would like to make sure I have 42-I'd be caught up)
-vacuum main living areas (vacuumed yesterday)
-wipe down baseboards
-list 5-7 things to do today

1. 10 minutes of pilates
2. video 2 of weighdownathome
3. blog about the day
4. work on our budget
5. make dinner for Billy.

Ok so. I'm blogging about today, and that is as far as I have gotten.

I came home and decided I would clean the baseboards when I'm home this weekend. So I began to read power of a praying wife, which is on my weekly goal to-do. After a chapter of that, I picked up Lysa Terkeurst's book Becoming more than a good bible study girl. God had big plans for me today...

For those of you who don't know, I have had an extremely rough relationship with a former friend of mine over the past year+. I was bitter and hurt and couldn't get past it. It filled my thoughts, and I would pray and pray for a different perspective. 

So I got a different perspective today- YAY! :) #thankfulforansweredprayers <3

So then I felt I needed to do something about this new perspective. So I wrote her a letter. Now all I need is the guts to send it to her.

So yes, God had other plans for me today. So now I will go put dinner in the oven for Billy and get 10 minutes of pilates in, and if all goes well, I will watch the weighdown video and redo the budget. :)

P.S. If people you were once close to are having a wedding shower, and you are pretty sure you aren't invited, do you give them a gift anyways?

I'll let you know my thoughts on that tomorrow---only if anyone else weighs in with their opinions, so please, spill your guts out to me :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Organizing Challenge, Day SIX.

Today's challenge's were to come up with 5 weekly goals::
1.  Blog each day
2. Follow weighdownathome
3. Start reading power of a praying wife
4. start a pilates/yoga routine for stress and back pain
5. spend quality time with Billy <3

Then take 15 minutes to pick up the clutter around the house. Took about exactly 15 minutes to get both living rooms, the bedroom and bathroom picked up, what a great start to the week :)

Next was to clean my car out. There wasn't much "stuff" in there to take out, because I haven't had the car that long, but it did need a good dusting and cleaning of the inside of the windows, so I took care of that.

I got rid of a couple magazines and newspapers, so I'm counting that towards my 7 things to get rid of.

Finally, I made myself a list of 5-7 things to do today
1. clean out the car-done
2. pick up the clutter through the house-done
3. blog about the day-done
4. 10 minutes of pilates (starting small)-done
and 5. watch 1 weighdown at home video, which I'm doing after this.

Sorry there weren't many pictures, but nothing was too dirty or messy to take pictures...

Maybe tomorrow! Hope you all are enjoying this challenge, let me know how it's going :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Organizing Challenge, Day 5 :)

Today was a VERY successful day. (It helped that the 15-minute blitz was to RELAX!)

Since it is Good Friday, I only had work until noon :) This meant I had plenty of time to finish everything on my to-do list, which started with a trip to Weis and CVS. 

At Weis, I got the new Kraft Freshtakes for free, thanks to my awesome coupon I had, 2 bags of Steamfresh veggies for $1, Borax, Washing Soda, and  almost all the ingredients I need for PB eggs. I forgot the marshmallow fluff, so I'll probably go visit my sister at Thomas' in a bit.

At CVS, I wanted to pick up some Ivory soap($1off coupon) and contact lens solution ($8.99 with $8.99ECB!) I forgot the contact lens solution but....I had $3.50 in ECB plus the $1 coupon, so I was able to get the 6 bars of ivory soap pictured below for....

FOUR CENTS!!!!! (only four little pennies!!) [i'm very excited about this]

Next on my to-do list was to attempt making homemade laundry detergent for the first time. I found a "pin" on Pinterest last night for THIS WEBSITE and I thought to myself, this seems REALLY simple, so I will try this one first, and see how it goes...

A container, Borax, washing soda, bar of soap, grater and mixer.

Grating was the hardest....and that wasn't even really that hard.

Grated soap on bottom, borax and washing soda on top, now MIX!

Final product.

Ok, so if you are interested, click on the link above, it takes you to DIY Natural's website. It is a very simple recipe (1 bar of ivory, 1c borax, 1 c washing soda). Some of the comments said they pulse the mix in a food processor to aid in dissolving, or let it dissolve in the washer before adding laundry. Use vinegar in the rinse to get smells out, add some oxyclean/ SUN oxy clean to help with stains, etc. But there are also plenty of comments saying people have had no problems at all and absolutely love it.

I have used it twice today, once on throw rugs, and currently with couch cushion covers. The rugs turned out beautifully, and the covers looked good when I put them into the dryer.

Next on the challenge list today was to clean couch cushions. Really? I hate my cushions. They are COVERED in dog hair.....

And they are filthy....

and we don't even use this living room!

I even found....

A BUTTER KNIFE! Why is there a butter knife in my couch that we don't even use?!

So, I vacuumed... with all kinds of attachments... and I used our scotch pet hair remover thing... and they still are quite "hairy" -but there is a big improvement. :)

Next on my to-do list was to finish laundry (1) and put it all away (2). Done. So relieving!

Here's one of the rugs I washed with the homemade detergent---

Looks like it did when I washed it with Tide.

I did my relaxing when I first got home from shopping. I had lunch at my mom's and watched GCB with her. Tonight Billy and I will be making the peanut butter eggs, unless he chooses to make them tomorrow.

And I'm thinking, reading over this post, that I need to post a picture of our beautiful dog, Sonny, who so graciously leaves his golden locks all over our house! Yes, I should brush him more, but every time I do, I don't notice any less shedding. So, oh well, I deal with the hair. everywhere.
Here he is, with our cat XJ curled up in front of him :)

Hope everyone else had a great day as well! Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 4 of Money Saving Mom's Organizing Challenge

There wasn't much to take pictures of today. Which was pretty sweet, cause that meant there wasn't much to do in the first place. So, I made my list. I cleaned up my bathrooms, and swiffered under all the furniture.  Nothing much else even happened today. But I am working on getting about 4 loads of laundry done. And I'm going to spend my night with Billy, instead of the computer. Cause that's what's more important. <3

Tomorrow will be a bigger post, cause I have quite a bit planned for tomorrow :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Organizing challenge, day THREE!

Welcome back,

Today's 5 things to accomplish are:
1. clean bedroom (which is the 15 minute blitz challenge)
2. Pack up newspaper to be recycled
3. clean up downstairs living room, cause it's already a mess again

4. vacuum downstairs
5. respond to my FB messages
The main challenge for the day was cleaning the freezer, I did that when I cleaned the fridge yesterday, so I chose to clean out my upstairs living room closet :)


You might laugh at me, all I really needed to do was make my bed, and organize the shoes on my closet floor. So I used the time I had to switch over the sheets to my spring/summer sheets :)
Closet floor-yuck. I didn't even know which pairs of shoes were in there!

Bed-that's nothing new, but it sure doesn't make a good picture :(

Now I see the shoes!

Bedding courtesy of Walmart Gift Registry :)


Then I packed up the newspaper, which was in the closet I needed to clean. Check it out..
There must be a shelf under there SOMEWHERE!

Little side story for this photo. When we moved here, I couldn't find 3 things, my LOVE coasters, my spoon rest, and my photo box full of cards. 3 things, from 3 separate rooms, there was no way they were all packed together. Needless to say, I found them all, together, in a box I never fully unpacked-WIN!
And here's the after. I was able to put everything in a new home, and I displayed some of Billy and I's photos. I eventually plan on moving the shelf up into a desk for myself :)

And first thing this morning, I cleaned up downstairs, cause it was BAD. And I was able to respond to my FB messages. I didn't vacuum downstairs, because Billy was watching TV when I got home, and now OTH is on, so I'll be in front of the TV the rest of the night for the series finale <3

This challenge is great, and I'm especially excited about finding those things I've been missing so much!
Hope everyone else joining in this challenge is having a successful time so far, YOU CAN DO IT! :)