Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So here's the problems

In my last post, I mentioned I had my own plan for this month. A focus on where things are in my life and how I want to change them. I chose 3 main points for the month of May. And here is the problems I have with them. I apologize in advance for any ranting that might go on.

Streamline Couponing:

-Couponing takes time and effort to get the maximum savings. I check at least 2, if not 3 blogs as often as possible-multiple times per day to stay current and catch the best deals. That takes a TON of time.
-Then they need to be organized. A lot. I do have a binder. I have sleeves full of coupons. They need to be organized better IN the binder though, cause I can't find a thing.
-There are a lot of stores. and a lot of deals. I need to begin to track prices to be able to determine a "good deal" quicker.

Fortunately, this all won't be hard because I have time at work to work on it, and I have my ideas and some tips in place already, I just need to implement them :)

Stick to a Budget:

-We eat out. A lot. Turns out, last month we spent over $140 on fast food (as my friend Kasie shakes her head in disgust) We need to cut way back on that if we want to ever get ahead.
-We have a good amount of debt. I want the personal loans and credit card debt paid off before children. and I want children soon.
-We don't have much savings, and we always wish we did when our cars break. which they do. a lot.

So, we have plans. We need to watch our spending. It's as simple on paper as weigh down, and yet just as hard to actually do.

Spend Time More Wisely:

-I think I have a slight OCD problem. I can't just "straighten up" the house, it needs to be CLEAN for me to feel like it's presentable. it cuts into time to go and do things and have fun. I need to let go of my inner expectations I'm trying to live up to.
-I want to visit more people, and have more of a social life. I don't make time for it, and I want to.
-I want to read more of the Bible. To have my "Jesus Time" more often. More regular...
-I also want more quality time with Billy. Who doesn't want more quality time with their Husband? I want memories, new experiences, and laughter <3

So, I need to work on the whole housework taking over my life, and start focusing on some other priorities.

Keep checking in to see how my month goes :)

Side note. I attempted homemade seasoned baked french fries. Won't do that again. Ore-Ida is the way to go :)

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