Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Does that make me crazy?

Way back on March 5, 2012 I started this blog. And here is why:



And here we are, almost 20 months later. Nothing has changed. If I were to have actually DONE something when I started this and said I would, imagine how different things could be. 

Now, OK, maybe some things have changed. Or many. But I wanted to write to make other people not feel so alone, not feel so inadequate and unwanted. I wanted to have this blog become a community of women who are friends. No perfection or judging allowed. I wanted to make a difference.

I wanted to share weight loss struggles, and debt issues, Bible verses, and dreams
I wanted to learn to cook, clean, sew, work, have children, make food from scratch, repurpose garbage into house decor. I wanted to become the Pinterest Expert. The girl who could do everything.

Instead, I've done nothing. And I've realized-

Can't I just bake chicken, scramble eggs, and make sure there is food in the house?
If mold isn't growing, can't cleaning wait until after I spend some time with my Husband? 
I can make a mean batch of boxed brownies, do I really need to make my own bread?
Do i need to make all natural home made cleaners, when I can get windex on sale?

I don't need to do it all. I just need to do what needs to be done. I don't need a picture-perfect home, and some (ok, a lot) of dog hair on the floor is FINE if the house isn't falling apart.

I've learned I don't need to coupon to save money. Therefore saving me time.
I've learned it's ok to not bake, because Kristi can bake for me.
I've learned it's ok to not sew, because I have friends who can help me.

I'm still going to Church. I still love God. I am a youth leader, and a Sunday school coordinator. I say yes way more than I should. I have way too much on my plate.

Let's add that to the list of things to work on...

This is NOT a diet

Trying to come up with a full menu on the dirt-cheap side. May not be nutritious, but we're young, and in debt. Cheap food it is!

  • Toast &Butter
  • Cereal
  • Cereal
  • PB &J
  • Ramen
  • Soup
  • Snack-y lunch (cheese, kielbasa, crackers, fruit, etc)
  • Cheese Quesadilla
  • Mac &Cheese
  • Eggs &Toast
  • Baked Chicken
  • Pork Chops
  • Roasts
  • Meatballs
  • Pancakes/Waffles
  • Boiled Eggs
  • Popcorn 
  • Frozen Veggies
  • Stuffing
  • Potatoes
  • Noodles
  • Bread (roll, garlic bread, etc)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Short post.

I Miss Impact.

Any youth who has gone would probably say this without hesitation. A youth leader. on the other hand, not so much.

I'm a youth leader, and I miss Impact. I'm sad we couldn't go.

All the planning, packing, food buying, requesting, organizing, etc. All the registration forms and permission slips and trips to the bank. All the calls and texts and emails and questions and answers...

It's all SO WORTH IT. And I can't wait till Zeteo '14. I miss my SNL friends.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jeans Day

It's been about two weeks, or maybe only one. I lose track.

Anyways, I'm still working on the whole "You're not hungry, don't eat" thing. BUT I have taken the dogs for a walk and used the treadmill twice-progress.

I've found reading Sparkpeople articles, reading my weighdown book, and anything else "inspirational" every day helps me to stay motivated for that day. Hey, whatever works, right?

I am feeling a bit left out cause 2 of my coworkers are doing the new t25 program. However, I know its something I wouldn't enjoy. At. All. So I can't let that bother me, more like cheer them on for doing what THEY want to do to lose weight. It's not the same for everyone.

My house is almost completely clean. I've been decluttering. I hate having things in my home that I don't need.

And I have 3 Scentsy parties lined up- YAY :)

Oh, and WeighDown is all about finding jewels in your day. My jewel for today is my jeans fit for Jeans Day at work. :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


It seemed pressure came from every direction. It was unrelenting. Financial pressures brought worry. Children issues brought frustration. And an overloaded schedule kept me up at night. It got so bad I wanted to have a bonfire with all my to-do lists and make s'mores.

This was from Encouragement for Today. Her bonfire of to-do lists is rather similar to my analogy -

Picture a ceiling fan, with each blade LOADED with things to do, people to call/see/pray for, things to think about, things needing to be dealt with, obligations, etc. Now, picture that fan on high speed. That was my brain 2 weeks ago. So much running through my mind, it was all a blur and I got nothing done.

This is why I blog. At least in my head :)

See, my problem is, even with all those things to do, I think of more I want to do. How can I do what I want to do, when I'm already doing so many things I want to do.

Here's what's going on.
1. I joined my friend's wellness FB group. This post is my introduction to them :) 
2. Lucky(my german shepherd) graduated basic training last night. Judging by his behavior today, you'd never know.
3. I just purchased a car I have no money for. Thus making our super tight budget EVEN tighter. 
4. Number 3 happens when a car pulls out in to you on your way home from work.
5. I have no time for my priorities. (God, Husband, Health)
6. Number 5 is my main problem.

Is it weird that I feel that if I can get my 3rd priority (my health) in order, it will make finding time for the first two priorities easier? 

I'm tired. I have no energy. I am uncomfortable with myself. All I want to do is lay in bed. I do think if I were making time to exercise and eat a bit better, maybe I'd have more energy the rest of the time to better manage my time.

Better yet. I've lost over 40 lbs through weigh down (20 lbs each time I've done it) 

I KNOW IT WORKS. Food is just to yummy to resist. So honestly, getting in shape through exercises that I like, such as pilates, dvd work outs, just dance, and walks with the dogs, and eating better through following weigh down principles, I should be well on my way to being happier with myself, and feeling better in general.

I'm at my highest weight currently.I need to lose 30lbs to be in a healthy weight range (BMI under 25) 

Once I'm there, I will see how I feel and go from there. Thinking probably another 20lb after that, because there's a 40 lb ideal weight range.

But as with Weigh Down, God is in control. God designed my body. If I am eating according to my bodies needs, and not just because it tastes good, I should reach my ideal weight with no problem, no matter what weight that may be.

I have a shelf full of size 8 clothes that it would be nice to try on some time. :)

I have no idea how often I will post on here, but I'm hoping to use this to chronicle my getting out of debt, getting in to shape, managing my time better journey :)

Thanks for stopping by!

(BTW! My name is Lyndsay :) I work at a bank. I still plan to finish college one day. I'm a youth leader. I've been married for almost 3 years. No kids. Two puppies who act like kids, Lucky and Sonny. Two cats, XJ and Kitty. Four animals-we don't need kids yet! We rent. We plan to buy within a year or so. We also plan to have kids one day, but more on that another time. I like to ramble.)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

What a weekend

So many things running through my mind.

Old friends
Preteen girl problems
30 hour famine
Salt n light
Inappropriate Rihanna songs
What makes you a Christian
Misleading and judgemental people
Is being classy old fashioned?
Is being nice and kind uncool?
Just say no.
Husband, what
Why is my cat laying with me?

That has to intrigue you.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Early to Rise Challenge

So, I've been thinking all this time, wow, I completely FAILED at this early to rise challenge.

Why should I even write about the time I've been waking up (mostly 7AM) when I was saying "I'm going to wake up at 6AM and get so much done!"

Cause I'm not waking up at 6AM, I must have failed the challenge, right?!

Yeah, I was reading Money Saving Mom's post for today (Day 9), and she said moving forward, even at a microscopic rate, is still moving forward.

OH YEAH! That makes sense!

I was waking up at 7:20. I have given myself an extra 20 minutes! That's quite a bit of time in the AM.

Also, I must share this excuse with you. Who does an early to rise challenge during the Daylight Savings Time change?! Honestly.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day Whatever-Early to Rise

I hate waking up early.

I love waking up early.

I should make up my mind. The bed is just so gosh darn comfy in the AM. When I do get up early, 
I have more time to do stuff, like type up this post. Cause even though no one admits they are here (no comments) I still see page views. So, I will keep sharing.

Last night at the Church Council meeting, Pastor talked about God moments, and how we should be sharing them regularly with those around us. I couldn't agree more. Weigh down tells you to look for jewels and ways of escape when it comes to your eating habits. These are God moments that you will miss unless you intentionally look for them. I need to make a point to find God moments, because I know they are there, and I know by seeking them, my relationship with God will grow closer. And what Christian doesn't want that?

So my God moment/Early to Rise update is...
I am no where near getting up at the 6:30 time I would like. or even 6 which would be really awesome.
But since I was waking up at about 7:20 and am now out of the shower by then, I do feel I'm making progress. My alarm is set for 6:40. I like to hit snooze. God has used the body he's given me to wake me up at 6:45 the past 3 days. Do I hate it? Absolutely. But I also love it. Cause I know its something that is helping me in the long run. I'm accomplishing more. I'm ready and not rushing out the door. That's progress.

AND! since I know many of you are reading this... and are also probably friends with me on Facebook...
Please please please, if you are at all interested in a Scentsy book, party, or ordering, please let me know. I would LOVE to share Scentsy with everyone I know, and until everyone knows, I will not be quiet, because it's an amazing product, and a great gift for someone too! :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekly Goals/Plans

How's this for accountability...

My plans for the week, and my goals for the week.

Tuesday- Scentsy visit, PLL
Wednesday- Lenten service at LIUMC (Food Pantry discussion)
Thursday- Dallas Elementary Expo
Saturday- Visit with friends, out to see Hidden Drive
Sunday- Teach Sunday School and LIYF

I'm about 90% positive I missed some things.

-Wake up by 6:45, following MSM's Early to Rise Challenge
-Finish "Leading on Empty"
-Write Parent newsletter for LIYF
-Walk on treadmill 10 minutes per day
-Follow daily cleaning schedule
-Watch Weigh Down video one, start workbook
-Figure out a Bible reading schedule that works (since following the CCV plan isn't)

Check back in to see how it goes

Early to Rise Challenge

I'm taking part in MoneySavingMom's Early to Rise Challenge. Basically, wake up earlier, start your day off better, achieve more.

Sounds perfect.

I've actually woken up by 7 each day so far.
Ideally, I'd wake up around 6:15.
I've been waking up at 7:30, so at least I'm making progress.

The challenge is also following along with a book, which I will share that information at a later date.

I'm officially a Scentsy Independent Sales Consultant, which rocks, cause I looooove the stuff.
I had my launch party over the weekend, and it was a huge success :)

I hope to share more over the next week or so...

-Sunday School
-Waking up early
-Goals update...

Check back tomorrow :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Goals and life

I still would love to follow my goal plan for this year. But it isn't working. I have too many things requiring attention in my life, that I don't have time to focus on my priorities.

It's driving me nuts.

Things are slowly falling in to place, so that's at least helpful. They are goals for the year, not all things need to happen immediately ( even though it'd be nice )

I'm also enjoying work a little more now. Always a plus.

I'll have to write about zeteo soon.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Goals

This is a pretty comprehensive list of my priorities and goals for 2013. I have the lists I based mine off of referenced at the bottom. I may break some of these down over the next couple weeks to explain more in detail how I plan on achieving them.

My main word for the year will be faith. All of my other goals and priorities will be based off of faith. My marriage and health will be my 2nd and 3rd priorities.

Feel free to share your goals and priorities for 2013 in the comments below :)

2013 Goals -Google Docs Link


Thursday, January 3, 2013








I'm not making resolutions, I'm making plans.

Come back for more over the weekend. I've been working on them, and I keep working on them, and I will keep working on them.

Cupp Of Coffee is back. (Guess what one of my goals is?!)