Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day Whatever-Early to Rise

I hate waking up early.

I love waking up early.

I should make up my mind. The bed is just so gosh darn comfy in the AM. When I do get up early, 
I have more time to do stuff, like type up this post. Cause even though no one admits they are here (no comments) I still see page views. So, I will keep sharing.

Last night at the Church Council meeting, Pastor talked about God moments, and how we should be sharing them regularly with those around us. I couldn't agree more. Weigh down tells you to look for jewels and ways of escape when it comes to your eating habits. These are God moments that you will miss unless you intentionally look for them. I need to make a point to find God moments, because I know they are there, and I know by seeking them, my relationship with God will grow closer. And what Christian doesn't want that?

So my God moment/Early to Rise update is...
I am no where near getting up at the 6:30 time I would like. or even 6 which would be really awesome.
But since I was waking up at about 7:20 and am now out of the shower by then, I do feel I'm making progress. My alarm is set for 6:40. I like to hit snooze. God has used the body he's given me to wake me up at 6:45 the past 3 days. Do I hate it? Absolutely. But I also love it. Cause I know its something that is helping me in the long run. I'm accomplishing more. I'm ready and not rushing out the door. That's progress.

AND! since I know many of you are reading this... and are also probably friends with me on Facebook...
Please please please, if you are at all interested in a Scentsy book, party, or ordering, please let me know. I would LOVE to share Scentsy with everyone I know, and until everyone knows, I will not be quiet, because it's an amazing product, and a great gift for someone too! :)

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