Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekly Goals/Plans

How's this for accountability...

My plans for the week, and my goals for the week.

Tuesday- Scentsy visit, PLL
Wednesday- Lenten service at LIUMC (Food Pantry discussion)
Thursday- Dallas Elementary Expo
Saturday- Visit with friends, out to see Hidden Drive
Sunday- Teach Sunday School and LIYF

I'm about 90% positive I missed some things.

-Wake up by 6:45, following MSM's Early to Rise Challenge
-Finish "Leading on Empty"
-Write Parent newsletter for LIYF
-Walk on treadmill 10 minutes per day
-Follow daily cleaning schedule
-Watch Weigh Down video one, start workbook
-Figure out a Bible reading schedule that works (since following the CCV plan isn't)

Check back in to see how it goes

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