Thursday, March 22, 2012


Search & Win


This is the site I use to earn free Amazon giftcards. Although there are a bunch of other prizes and giftcards available.

My goal is to earn enough swagbucks to do a majority of my holiday/birthday shopping for free.

Swagbucks are earned through searching, daily deals, special offers, swagbucks tv, swagbucks games, coupons, and many other 'tasks'.

I earn most of mine through special offers, search, and coupons.

Currently, swagbucks is running a special called March Swagness, where there is a daily goal, and when achieved, you earn 10% in bonus swagbucks. If you acheive your goal each day, your bonus doubles.

I'm loving this. I have earned more this week then I have since joining late last year. It gives me incentive.

It also helps that swagbucks is my homepage and main search engine, and I always take the daily poll and the NOSO (no obligation special offers), which can be done each day and earn 3 swagbucks, taking less than 2 minutes.

I haven't tried the SB TV or SB games, but I hear they are fun/easy to earn. SB offers surveys too, but I have heard very mixed reviews. I'll post again once I have tried these out.

The amount of swagbucks you can earn per day will vary based on time you want to put into it, and what is currently being offered, but it doesn't need to cost any money (unless you take advantage of their daily deals or special offers, which is kind of like earning "cash back" on purchases, but in the form of swagbucks), and if I can earn points for free, and get prizes in return...

Why not?

So join. It takes 5 minutes or less. Give it a try, check it out. And please, if you don't mind, use the link in this post. It is a referral link, so I earn swagbucks when you do. If that bothers you, just type in 

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