Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tithe and Today

I tithe. Not always 10% though. It's a highly debatable, highly controversial, highly personal thing.

The Church needs people to give.

 But it shouldn't be done because you feel like you HAVE to do it. It's a choice. You should want to give.

All we have is given to us by God. Why wouldn't we want to thank him by giving a portion of it back, to further His will for us all. So each week, I give. Because I want to, and I enjoy the blessings I receive for doing so.

-testimony time-
I wanted to go out for lunch today with my grandparents and the pastor and his wife. I wanted my sister to go too. I offered to pay, even though I am short on money. So I checked my wallet, knowing I had around $10 in cash, only to find I had a $20 bill in another section of my wallet, which I use for money I'm not supposed to spend, and I have NO CLUE why that $20 was there. Praise God, now I have $20 which will be used for gas or WeighDown basics part 2, because praise God once again, my grandparents paid for lunch for both my sister and I. I believe, without a doubt, that this is because I tithe.


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