Thursday, March 29, 2012

Deals and Coupons (Part2)

Hip2save is the site that helped me get started. She has lots of videos and tips to help learn the lingo and tricks to couponing.

The site is good for general deals, online deals, and a short summary of many, many, other blogs.

I follow her on FB and just check out the site when I see a FB post that interests me.

I can't really copy the deals, like I did with Totally Target. But here are some things I found on her site, that you can find too.

Home Depot is having a huge sale through the 4th of April, flowers, soil, patio furniture, etc. is on sale.
I.E. 7 piece patio set normally for $599 is only $299 this weekend.

ShopAtHome ( a online-shopping cash back website that I use) is offering $2 back on all fandango bucks gift card purchases. I heart fandango, and I heart money back.
--Every $20 earned on ShopAtHome gets sent to you. I have yet to hit $20, so I can't say how easy it is quite yet, but if you do online shopping, I encourage you to check out or

Bath And Body works has a buy 3 get 3 free deal. 5% back through ShopAtHome. And a 20% off coupon code is available. Weekends like this make me want more spending money....

But you get the point. Hip2Save mentions the good deals, and has a "dailydose" with a summary of all the deals posted through the day. She also has a text program now to receive a text when there is a *HOT* deal available.

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