Monday, April 2, 2012

Shopping Trip Results


Not such a great trip, after review of the receipt, it appears not all the coupons I handed over were scanned in, so I will need to watch more closely next time. 
The cat litter sign in store said they were still on price cut for $7.99, however I was charged $8.99. 
The store was out of Chutes and Ladders, and Candyland, on the first day of the sale-should have been stocked better.
I was able to get travel sized renu at $1.57 with a $2 off coupon, so that was free at least.


They had the large size head and shoulders for $6.97 with included travel deoderant, so I picked up two of those, with the BOGO Free coupon from Sunday's paper, YAY! 
And I price-matched for the first time, and that worked wonderfully! I had attempted buying 2 Ragu for $.99 each at Thomas' with 2 $.50 off coupons, but they don't accept printed coupons, so walmart price-matched Thomas' and accepted the coupons so 2 Ragu sauces for $.98!

Maybe I will start just price matching Target at walmart....I've been getting frustrated with Target lately.

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