Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Challenge, Day 8, and my thoughts on gift giving

Today's challenge was to clean out my dresser drawers and disinfect all handles around the house.
Bad picture, but they were all filled and not organized at all. So I set my timer for 15 minutes, got it all organized and found way more than 7 things to get rid of
Speaking of getting rid of things, I do have more than 49, so I'm right on schedule with the challenge, yay! :)

I will be having a yardsale sometime in May or June, if you're in the area, let me know if you want to join in!

My 5-7 things for today included
1. 10 minutes of pilates 
which I didn't get to, we went out for dinner and stopped by the dollar tree for some goodies (which I'll share at another time)
2. watch video 2 of weighdownathome (since I didn't get to it yesterday) I started to watch it. Then realized once again, the videos are a chore for me. I don't enjoy them, nor do I feel I get anything out of them. I just need to make the choice each day to follow the principles of it.
3. blog about the day (done)
4. call Target to see if games are in stock (done)
5. write out letter (maybe tomorrow?)
6. read a chapter of Power of a Praying Wife (done) 
7. Get garbage together for Billy <3 (done, and he was so happy! <3)

I also have some more pictures for you today! :)

These are my peanut butter easter eggs before they got dipped in chocolate. According to the family, they were delicious-Thanks Grandma for the recipe! :)

Here's the clean car after wiping it down the other day

And the backseat, which has yet to be used by anyone since I got it.

And finally, yesterday I asked  If people you were once close to are having a wedding shower, and you are pretty sure you aren't invited, do you give them a gift anyways?

So here's my thoughts...
---One, I love buying gifts, so if I have the ability to get a gift together, whether through deals, couponing, or just flat out spending full price, I will do so for those I care about (and remember I need a gift for) ...but I also don't always have the ability.
---Two, I do feel, in this situation, and all that we have been through, the right thing to do would be to buy a gift. I would feel good if I did so, but money is tight.
---Three, now that I have decided I will get a gift together, what gift do I choose? They do have a registry, with quite a bit of nice things on it. But I have also been planning what I would like to give them for over 2 years now. I know what Billy and I got that we loved, and I know they do like similar things. So now I need to choose a price point, and whether or not I want to do a gift basket like I often do, or just purchase one "big" item to give. I have so many ideas, it's hard to choose just one...

I love hearing your thoughts, so please share :) Have a wonderful day!


  1. I could go either way on getting them a gift. I usually don't, since I have a hard enough time getting gifts for people I am currently close to. It wouldn't be crazy to get one, though.

    I'm typically a registry gift with receipt kind of giver, since we, strangely, were given duplicates of things that were on our registry. Mainly, I resist the temptation to get a cute picture frame, because who seriously needs more of those?

    If I'm really not sure, I go with consumables, which is usually a lot easier for baby showers than weddings, though.

    1. Thanks Sharla! Their registry has some items that we received as well, and love dearly, so we will probably purchase one of those items, and maybe something else small. I agree with the consumables, some of the best gifts I received at my shower were scrubbing bubbles, magic eraser, toilet paper and dryer sheets! haven't had to buy much of that stuff in almost 2 years :)