Friday, April 27, 2012

The Final Days (of the challenge)

I combined the last three days of the least for the most part.
I've been lazy, or busy, every day this week. Lots of time has been spent at mom's just watching TV. 

I did have Thursday afternoon off, and did a ton of cleaning. I basically cleaned the whole house and finished the majority of my laundry ( finished it today). 

Between the 3 days, I did clean out and mop my closet floor, wipe down all windows (that hadn't been wiped the other week when Billy was cleaning), finished wiping down all mirrors and glass doors, and cleaned my bedroom blinds. Just have to do the downstairs blinds now.

I got a majority of my 5-7 things done each day. 
-Started going through my e-mails...little by little
-Made dinner plans with some people and returned messages
-organized my coupon binder -what a relief
-finally blogged-sorry for the slacking
AND I got to go see Kasie tonight! Yay!

One project I did during the week was cleaning the grates on my stove. I saw on Pinterest that you can put the grates in a gallon zip-loc, pour a few tablespoons of ammonia in it, and let them sit for 12+ hours. 

Here is what they looked like originally-who knows what all is burnt onto these.

After 12+hours ....EW.

They did NOT come completely clean...but a definite improvement. I will probably try this again and again until they are completely clean.

You can kind of see the yucky burnt stuff on the left and the clean and shiny part on the right.

Today's "challenge", the final challenge, was to clean the medicine cabinet. I keep all of our medicine in a bin that I've had for years.

The stuff next to the bin should be in the bin, but I didn't have room.

Few empty boxes, and some empty bottles- all in one bin, yay.

So all in all, this challenge was good. I attempted a lot of new things I had been wanting to try, and cleaned some things I probably wouldn't have bothered with if not for this challenge. I got into some routines I will keep, and have also found what doesn't work for me, and hopefully I will keep up with the cleaning on my own terms, or maybe even make my own challenge. IS having another challenge for the month of May. I don't know what it is yet, so I don't know if I will be following along, but I will still be posting about cleaning/couponing/christian living as often as possible, so please keep checking in and reading. Let me know what your interested in reading about or what I might be able to post about to help in any way.

Thank you all so much for following along as I get my house all clean and organized, it's been fun :)

Have a wonderful weekend <3

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