Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today's challenge was to clean out and organize all the kitchen cupboards and pantry. Lucky for me, since this challenge began, I already cleaned out under the sink, all my drawers, and the pantry. I had two cabinets that still needed some work though....

I'm not a big fan of this cupboard. Which is why it's all pretty much thrown in. I saw a pegboard on Pinterest that was framed and painted and used as a pot hanger....

But here it is, much more organized.

At one point, this held some food, and store bags, and appliances, and random other stuff.

Now it looks SO MUCH better:) all our kitchen gadgets.

The 15 minute challenge was to clean up the bathroom, which I got Billy to do. He also took care of sweeping and mopping the downstairs, which I didn't even ask-SCORE!

My to-do list included:::
1. Make dinner-it's cooking now
2. finish laundry- done and put away
3. swiffer upstairs-done.
4. make a chore list-done and agreed upon :)
5. go through my emails-that's for after dinner.

And finally get rid of 7 things
-a couple cds
-an old utensil holder
- a few foods that expired
- a bowl that belongs to a friend
- Ketchup that I bought for work

What a successful night :) I hope you are all enjoying following along this cleaning journey with me! I'm planning what I will be doing for the month of May...Any ideas?


  1. Your cabinet looks much better =)

    1. Thanks! Great job on yours too! I really like the cubes in your pantry. I was using my cubes AS my pantry for awhile, but yours look much better :)

  2. Doesn't it feel great to get it done - even though it isn't a very fun job. I didn't complete it all the way but will try to play catch up tomorrow.

    Good job on completing the task.

    1. It does feel great. I barely even look in those cupboards, but knowing they are well organized makes me feel good. Good luck with catching up, I'm sure you'll do great!