Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shopping and making some DiaperCakes!

It's already 5, or is it only 5?! It's been a very successful day. I had quite a bit I wanted to do today, and for the most part, it's all done. I even slept in till 9.

I began my morning by taking apart our bedroom ceiling fan. It was the most filthy of them all.

I was also quite proud of my skills in taking the thing apart :)

I rinsed out all the light covers from the bedroom, kitchen, and living room

And here is the fan, all clean, shiny, and put back together, yay!

Next on my list was to go through the deal sites, print out coupons, and go do some shopping before the sales for the week are over. So I started at Rite Aid for some razors, tampax, and lightbulbs.

The razors were gone, the tampax I wanted were gone, and the lightbulbs were the old kind. boo.
Next I dropped a bag of stuff off at Salvation Army (They have a sign on the door that they NEED clothes)

Target was my big stop of the day.
1. Do they price adjust? (The cardigan I bought last week was on sale this week) They DO! (within 2 weeks) So, I got $2.99 refunded.
2. Did they have my games in stock? Yes. I had called yesterday and had them set them aside.
3. Did my coupons get scanned correctly? For the most part. I had a BOGO for head and shoulders, and they should have taken $5.99 off, only took $3.89...whatever.

Candy land-$7.79
Chutes and ladders- $7.79
Raincheck for $5 each, and $9 in coupons= $1 total
BIC Silky Touch Razors-$2.99 -$2C= $0.99
Country Crock-Sale for $1.97 each -$3 of coupons= $0.94 total for two
Slow Cooker liners- $1.97-$1C=$0.97
Head and Shoulders- $5.99-BOGO should have been $5.99 for both, but it was $8.09 
( should have watched more closely...)

All in all, $11.99 for all that. Works for me. And for those of you asking WHY I'm buying these games, since I have no kids? One, they were FIFTY CENTS EACH. Two, they can be gifts. Three, they are shrink wrapped, I could just save them.

On my way home, I stopped at Burger King. They are selling their new chicken wraps for $1 this weekend only. I got a Honey Mustard one, with no lettuce. It was quite yummy.

Next I turned on Groundswell, to get that out of the way, and it's still running...about 2 hours later... BUT while it's on I did make a DiaperCake and I'm blogging-Multi-Tasking :)

This is for sale, BTW. Local pick up/delivery only. (at least for the time-being) $45 
---Has 60 diapers, mostly size one. 
---A bottle with nipple, lid, and 5 drop in liners, and a 
---Johnson and Johnson baby wash.
Let me know if you or anyone else is interested, and please pass this along.

I CAN make each one to order, the cost will vary depending on size of the diapers, products you want included, and whether you provide the products or if I go out to buy them. Please e-mail and we can discuss options and choices and what not.

They are handmade "cakes" of diapers, along with many other little baby products thrown in. They are great Shower decorations, shower gifts, welcome home baby gifts, 1st birthday gifts/decorations, etc.

Hope you all are having a FANTASTIC weekend so far :)

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