Friday, April 6, 2012

Organizing Challenge, Day 5 :)

Today was a VERY successful day. (It helped that the 15-minute blitz was to RELAX!)

Since it is Good Friday, I only had work until noon :) This meant I had plenty of time to finish everything on my to-do list, which started with a trip to Weis and CVS. 

At Weis, I got the new Kraft Freshtakes for free, thanks to my awesome coupon I had, 2 bags of Steamfresh veggies for $1, Borax, Washing Soda, and  almost all the ingredients I need for PB eggs. I forgot the marshmallow fluff, so I'll probably go visit my sister at Thomas' in a bit.

At CVS, I wanted to pick up some Ivory soap($1off coupon) and contact lens solution ($8.99 with $8.99ECB!) I forgot the contact lens solution but....I had $3.50 in ECB plus the $1 coupon, so I was able to get the 6 bars of ivory soap pictured below for....

FOUR CENTS!!!!! (only four little pennies!!) [i'm very excited about this]

Next on my to-do list was to attempt making homemade laundry detergent for the first time. I found a "pin" on Pinterest last night for THIS WEBSITE and I thought to myself, this seems REALLY simple, so I will try this one first, and see how it goes...

A container, Borax, washing soda, bar of soap, grater and mixer.

Grating was the hardest....and that wasn't even really that hard.

Grated soap on bottom, borax and washing soda on top, now MIX!

Final product.

Ok, so if you are interested, click on the link above, it takes you to DIY Natural's website. It is a very simple recipe (1 bar of ivory, 1c borax, 1 c washing soda). Some of the comments said they pulse the mix in a food processor to aid in dissolving, or let it dissolve in the washer before adding laundry. Use vinegar in the rinse to get smells out, add some oxyclean/ SUN oxy clean to help with stains, etc. But there are also plenty of comments saying people have had no problems at all and absolutely love it.

I have used it twice today, once on throw rugs, and currently with couch cushion covers. The rugs turned out beautifully, and the covers looked good when I put them into the dryer.

Next on the challenge list today was to clean couch cushions. Really? I hate my cushions. They are COVERED in dog hair.....

And they are filthy....

and we don't even use this living room!

I even found....

A BUTTER KNIFE! Why is there a butter knife in my couch that we don't even use?!

So, I vacuumed... with all kinds of attachments... and I used our scotch pet hair remover thing... and they still are quite "hairy" -but there is a big improvement. :)

Next on my to-do list was to finish laundry (1) and put it all away (2). Done. So relieving!

Here's one of the rugs I washed with the homemade detergent---

Looks like it did when I washed it with Tide.

I did my relaxing when I first got home from shopping. I had lunch at my mom's and watched GCB with her. Tonight Billy and I will be making the peanut butter eggs, unless he chooses to make them tomorrow.

And I'm thinking, reading over this post, that I need to post a picture of our beautiful dog, Sonny, who so graciously leaves his golden locks all over our house! Yes, I should brush him more, but every time I do, I don't notice any less shedding. So, oh well, I deal with the hair. everywhere.
Here he is, with our cat XJ curled up in front of him :)

Hope everyone else had a great day as well! Happy Easter!

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