Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Four weeks to an organized life, Day TWO!

Thanks to Money Saving Mom I received my goals for today, and I certainly tried my best. Although it was a very hectic day, I got quite a bit done that I wanted to do.

One of the goals was to list 5-7 goals I wanted to acheive TODAY!
Here's what I came up with:
1. e-mail the people I wanted to about the salt n light youth rally. DONE!
2. Blog today's progress. I'd say by the time you read this, that's DONE!
3. Message Lori, Sam and Sarah. DONE!
4. Adjust my budget. I'm going to go with 1/2 done. There's more I need to do.
5. Tackle the downstairs closet. See Below.

Before- We pretty much threw everything in there to get it out of sight, and well, out of sight-out of mind. It was gross. And dirty. And yucky to look at.

Then there's After, below, that makes me happy to look at. I put wrapping paper on some of the shelves, and vacuumed the floor. A lot of Billy's stuff got moved to the garage. *bliss*
Next on the list was to take 15 minutes and clean up the kitchen. Crystal mentions doing the dishes, wiping the counter tops, and wiping off the cupboards. I did not wipe off my cupboards, but I did get my counters looking pretty, and the dishes are all done :)
Before. Dishes on stove, Dishes on counter, odds and ends everywhere.

I opened this drawer and cringed. Clearly we like Taco Bell's sauce. It's now in a bowl in my food cabinet.

Now I have a place for my oven mitts/hot pads!


I did clean out my refrigerator. I'll spare you the pictures of that, there wasn't much of a difference. We don't have much food, I threw out 3 things that had expired, and I wiped down the shelves. Under 5 minutes total.

And finally, to get rid of 7 things. I went through our books/movies, and then checked Amazon to see if I could trade any in for credit. For about 8 DVDs, they offered me $2.00 and nothing for the books. Billy said to save it for a yard sale, so that's what we are doing. They are now all stored on a shelf in the newly clean closet! :)
I really am enjoying this blog challenge. It's letting me see how much time I'm spending on things, how much "junk" I have, and how simple it is to organize bit by bit. Thanks Money Saving Mom!


  1. Just looking at your pics - WOWWEEE!! (I'm doing the 4 Week Challenge also - this is my post if you're interested..... :D)

    1. Checked out your post, great job! I'm going to take the WOWWEEE!!! as a good thing-Thanks! The closet took the longest, at about an hour.

      Just a little update, my sister already saw this post and took some of the dvd's out of my hands :)

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  3. Looks like you got a lot of work done today! Good job! I love the before and after pictures. :-)

    1. Thanks Sophia, I felt like I got a lot done! Check back later tonight for more before and afters :)

  4. Wow! that was your before Kitchen picture??? HAHA. I never thought about trading in the books for amazon credit. I may have to look into that! Thanks for stopping by my page. I'm loving this challenge and seeing how we're all in it together!