Monday, April 23, 2012

Challenge-Day 16-FINAL WEEK!

Today's challenges included making a list of weekly goals, cleaning the vents in your house, picking up the clutter, and getting rid of 7 items.

Weekly goals include:
1. Solve my downstairs clutter issue. Everytime I clean it, it is all cluttered up within minutes.
2. Make dinner each night (already failed that one...)
3. write out my youth group ideas and plan a "planning day" with Pastor and Billy
and a few others that are unknown for now...

Today's to-do's were:
1. fold all the laundry- done.
2. make dinner-meatballs-not done.
3. clean up the clutter-done.
4. dishes-done.
5. vacuum downstairs-done.

Ugh, what a mess... I HATE folding laundry, can you tell? oh, along with making the bed, why make the bed when you are going to mess it up in a few hours?

Less than an hour later, bed made, laundry folded and away, AND I pledged all the wood ledges and dressers. Success!

And then the clutter...aka DISHES!
I really avoid emptying a clean dishwasher. I wait until I can talk Billy into doing it for me. That happened tonight, cause this sink was just getting gross.

I promise you, I will sleep better tonight because this is taken care of :)

Seven items to get rid of?
I put at least 3 more items in the yardsale bin, and threw some jackets and clothes in the "donate" basket, although they will probably also get to the yardsale bin eventually :) 

Cleaning vents? I wiped down the majority of our "vents" (aka baseboards) back when we were supposed to clean all that yucky stuff. I don't know, maybe I'll tackle some vent-type things this weekend.

More tomorrow :)

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