Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Organizing challenge, day THREE!

Welcome back,

Today's 5 things to accomplish are:
1. clean bedroom (which is the 15 minute blitz challenge)
2. Pack up newspaper to be recycled
3. clean up downstairs living room, cause it's already a mess again

4. vacuum downstairs
5. respond to my FB messages
The main challenge for the day was cleaning the freezer, I did that when I cleaned the fridge yesterday, so I chose to clean out my upstairs living room closet :)


You might laugh at me, all I really needed to do was make my bed, and organize the shoes on my closet floor. So I used the time I had to switch over the sheets to my spring/summer sheets :)
Closet floor-yuck. I didn't even know which pairs of shoes were in there!

Bed-that's nothing new, but it sure doesn't make a good picture :(

Now I see the shoes!

Bedding courtesy of Walmart Gift Registry :)


Then I packed up the newspaper, which was in the closet I needed to clean. Check it out..
There must be a shelf under there SOMEWHERE!

Little side story for this photo. When we moved here, I couldn't find 3 things, my LOVE coasters, my spoon rest, and my photo box full of cards. 3 things, from 3 separate rooms, there was no way they were all packed together. Needless to say, I found them all, together, in a box I never fully unpacked-WIN!
And here's the after. I was able to put everything in a new home, and I displayed some of Billy and I's photos. I eventually plan on moving the shelf up into a desk for myself :)

And first thing this morning, I cleaned up downstairs, cause it was BAD. And I was able to respond to my FB messages. I didn't vacuum downstairs, because Billy was watching TV when I got home, and now OTH is on, so I'll be in front of the TV the rest of the night for the series finale <3

This challenge is great, and I'm especially excited about finding those things I've been missing so much!
Hope everyone else joining in this challenge is having a successful time so far, YOU CAN DO IT! :)

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