Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's been an interesting week

Ah, what a week of being busy and having some fun. Oh, and enjoying having NO ambition whatsoever.
But I did get some things done. 

Starting with the Monday's challenge, which was to make weekly goals, clean up the clutter, and organize the silverware drawer. Made my goals, which have not been followed at all, and the rest wasn't hard at all.

Tuesday's challenge was to vacuum and clean the stove....this is what my oven looked like... EW.
I'll be honest, I hadn't actually looked in the oven since I moved in October. I think 90% of this is not from us...

A little baking soda and wet paper towels overnight and this was the result!!! So happy. The glass on the door is still real gross, but I think it's from the inside, so Billy and I will be taking it apart soon.

Wednesday's challenge was to clean off the refrigerator and wipe down the cupboards-done! Feels wonderful!

And today's challenge was to clean out the junk drawer, utensil drawer and wipe down mirrors and glass doors.
I asked Billy to windex today while he was home. He didn't touch the mirrors or glass doors BUT he cleaned the inside and outside of most of the windows-score!
My utensil drawer was cleaned out a few weeks ago, and while we do have a 'junk' drawer, we don't really use it, so it still looked the way it did when I put stuff in there nice and neat back in October.

So, I cleaned out under the sink, which has all our cleaning supplies, and I went through some stuff while I cooked dinner and got over 35 items to get rid of :)
I'm caught up now for the week!

cleaning products were either empty, given to mom, or being saved for a housewarming gift :)

Food for food pantry, odds and ends for yard sale, and garbage.

So enough on that...

I had no ambition this week. I didn't even get through my 5-7 things to do each day until yesterday. But everything still managed to get done that needed to :)
Sometimes I think I might be focusing too much on this than other, more important things. This challenge needs to be a guide, not a requirement.
I'm going to make more of a point to take care of my priorities, and re-focus on all the right things :) 

I hope you all will continue reading! Share me with your friends!

You saw my gross stove window....any tips to get it clean? I do believe spills may have gotten inside, but once I get it apart...any easy fix? Thanks!


  1. I'm pretty sure you have the same oven I do. If so, you can life straight up and the door will come off. It slides right back on. I took mine outside and sprayed cleaner through the vents. I did this several times and it almost all came out. The reason for taking it off and outside is that it drains out the bottom. You don't want to deal with cleaning that up.

    1. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to try it :)