Monday, April 9, 2012

Organizing Challenge, Day SIX.

Today's challenge's were to come up with 5 weekly goals::
1.  Blog each day
2. Follow weighdownathome
3. Start reading power of a praying wife
4. start a pilates/yoga routine for stress and back pain
5. spend quality time with Billy <3

Then take 15 minutes to pick up the clutter around the house. Took about exactly 15 minutes to get both living rooms, the bedroom and bathroom picked up, what a great start to the week :)

Next was to clean my car out. There wasn't much "stuff" in there to take out, because I haven't had the car that long, but it did need a good dusting and cleaning of the inside of the windows, so I took care of that.

I got rid of a couple magazines and newspapers, so I'm counting that towards my 7 things to get rid of.

Finally, I made myself a list of 5-7 things to do today
1. clean out the car-done
2. pick up the clutter through the house-done
3. blog about the day-done
4. 10 minutes of pilates (starting small)-done
and 5. watch 1 weighdown at home video, which I'm doing after this.

Sorry there weren't many pictures, but nothing was too dirty or messy to take pictures...

Maybe tomorrow! Hope you all are enjoying this challenge, let me know how it's going :)

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