Thursday, April 12, 2012

A trip to Dollar Tree, and Day 10 of the challenge

Today was a very productive day. The challenges were to do a 15 minute cleaning of the bathroom, wipe down all light switches, get rid of 7 things, and make a list of 5-7 things to do today.

I'll start though with my trip to Dollar Tree last night, which I am very excited about....

As you can see, I got a yellow tub, which I will use for electric cords and such-keeping them all in one place helps me find them easier :) We also bought Sonny some new toys. I was able to get 2 containers with lids that I will use for my laundry detergent. I also found rubbermaid containers for only $1! yay! They sell for $2 at the Dollar General. There's also a piggy bank, mesh laundry bag, and clear sleeves for my coupon binder. :)

Here is the 7 things I got rid of today. 3 books, a candle holder, photo frame, basket, and old car mats.

I didn't time myself with the bathrooms, but I did scrub the tub, which didn't really need it, but I saw a little improvement, and I also cleaned the toilets.

The light switches didn't take much time, because I did most of them yesterday with the door handles.

Finally, my 5-7 things to do today:::
1. 10 minutes of pilates-never got to it
2. blogging about today-yay, I can say I've done this each day so far -yay!
3. spend time with Billy-He made a delicious dinner, and we went out to walmart, I'll count that.
4. chapter of PPW (power of a praying wife)- never got to this either
5. begin laundry-it's half done :)

So, I'm not too upset about not doing everything, because I did also clean the tables downstairs, washed the window and ledge off, vacuumed, and ran the dishwasher. I'd count that as a success.

Plus, I bought everything I needed to pick up this weekend, so one less thing to do on Saturday!

I went ahead of myself and made a to-do list for the weekend, since I'm not busy, and Billy is working
1. Make two batches of laundry detergent
2. Make diaper cakes -I will be selling these. Watch for that post, and please pass it on :)
3. Was to buy all my odds and ends, but that is already done -score!
4. Watch GroundSwell- I can't put it off any longer
5. Go through my coupon binder
6. Mop the kitchen, bathrooms and living rooms.
7. Finish up the baseboards.

It shall be a productive weekend, check back Sunday night and I will let you know how it goes :)

Any thoughts on a challenge for when this is over? Let me know your ideas!


  1. Thank you for sharing about the rubber maid containers. I need some really bad.Off to the Dollar Tree.


    1. Hope you were able to get all that you needed :)